Mariana Iurcovich

What People Say

Mariana Iurcovich has been enriching my life for several months through her effective talents
as a life coach. She has the ability to listen with an open-mindedness, and through her
powerful questions asked of me, I have been able to open up hidden beliefs that are no longer
serving me. She has helped me to find solutions within myself in creating a more loving and
fulfilled life. Mariana’s calming voice as a coach allows one to feel validated, of value, and
cared for. It makes for a worthwhile and rewarding relationship.

TB, Salt Lake City

The biggest benefit of working with Mariana Iurcovich has been crystallizing what I want to manifest in
my life. By writing a letter describing everything I want, as if it was already true, I was able to
remain focused on what is important while also feeling excitement around my vision! Thank you Mariana!

JB, Boulder

I have had the pleasure of working with Mariana during several coaching sessions. She is clearly gifted
in the field and helps her clients see and face their challenges with enlightening perspective and beautiful
sensitivity. I would highly recommend her as a coach and mentor.

BD, Boston

Working with Mariana is a joy. Through genuine caring and a joyful spirit she has helped me shift my
perspective. I have been able to change negative situations into positive outcomes. She has guided me
to go deep and bring up old beliefs, that have held me back, and replace them with empowering thoughts
that have propelled me toward success and fulfillment. I always look forward to our sessions because I
know that they consistently lead me to a higher place.

LF, Manhattan